Psychic, Astrology & Tarot


Psychic, Astrology & Tarot

The Psychic, Astrology & Tarot market

Psychic, Astrology & Tarot - Live Video Streaming Software

The size of the global psychic market (also known as tarot or astrology) is estimated to an impressive bid of $20 billion / 17.5 Mrd. €. Online astrology has become an emerging market which is now estimated at somewhere between at least $ 500 million and $ 1 billion per year.

The online indicator of the astrology market which includes services like chakra healing, holistic or healing love ritual, is expected to reach a margin between 2 to 5 billion dollars in the next three to five years, thanks to a continuous evolution of the online segment.

Advantages of using AvenoCam

Any Payment Gateway - AvenoCam
  • HD Streaming Quality | Crystal Clear
  • Hosting included | No technical skills needed
  • A responsive platform | Works fine on any device
  • High level of Security

Instant paymentsAvenoCam can integrate a multiple choice of payment solutions giving the possibility to manage a great portfolio of packages for clients. You will be able to have new clients who can benefit from your services just one time but with longer stays or more short sessions by choosing a pay per view option. There will exist the opportunity to develop a diverse and flexible pricing range for each of you activity services schedule.

 Why should you think about it?

  • You keep all of your final incomes, we don’t take any fees
  • Full control over the commissions of your broadcasters
  • Full Overview and Invisible Chat Supervision
  • You choose the currencies and the types of payment

We guarantee you full support for the optimization with AvenoCam online tarot software.

AvenoCam’s online tarot software is designed to operate in a total secured online environment. All of the controls are intuitive, the design is ergonomically designed to fit any screen and the client’s focus is on the private sessions, so on the future teller and card reader at all times.

If you have any questions start a Live Chat or get in touch via a Skype session with us.

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