How to keep your broadcasters happy? *Christmas Edition*

Christmas is the best time to fortify your relationship with your broadcasters. Indeed, they’re not your employees, but they can leave anytime, even easier. A platform without broadcasters means no money for you.

So how can some platforms keep their broadcasters and others can’t? 

It’s all about your relationship with them! Make them feel appreciated on your platform, write them, make them feel part of something bigger and they will not leave ever again. Don’t forget, online business is global, the broadcasters can work anywhere!

Don’t know where to start? 

Here are some tips! 

Taking the extra mile for your broadcasters can prove to be extremely productive for your business. 

Starting it Fresh

If you only recently acquired a platform and want to build your business, it will take a little bit of time to bring traffic and have clients. What do you do until then? You need broadcasters online for traffic to convert to clients.

You know what some of the best studios do?

They pay the models a minimum of $6/h if they’re online when there are no clients, yet. This way you build your business faster and your broadcasters are not leaving. 

Build a relationship

Building a relationship is key to a successful online business. How? Well, be creative! 

One example is sending helpful newsletters to your broadcasters. 

Don’t just send boring information in a boring email. Take it further, be better! Use 3rd party apps to make the newsletters fun and interactive. Example of newsletter apps is ‘Chimp Mail’, you can use their services to make a professional newsletter. 

What content should you add to your newsletter? Useful ones! 

Contact your broadcasters regularly, check how they are doing, check if they’re happy or if they have any suggestions. Ask if they’re happy or not, how can you make it better for them. December? The best time to bond with them, to ask about they’re life, to socialize a little bit. Don’t be just a boss, a platform owner, be much more than that.

Create valuable content 

Want to take it a step further than that? Create a Wordpress page to promote them, add valuable content, photos and videos of them. 

Share new market insights, your opinion on the matter; generating valuable content shows that you are on top of your game and improves brand awareness. 

Promote this good enough and your broadcasters and clients will share your content or recommend your services to their connections based on publicly available content.

Reply to your emails promptly

The best way to show respect for your broadcasters is to respond within the 24h window. If possible, even within one hour. It is much more effective to reply saying that you received an email and that you will reply as soon as possible instead of writing a long delayed email. Quick responses show that you care and that you are professional and dependable. 

Value your broadcasters’ point of view

Broadcasters are experts in their fields as you are in your field. You need to listen to ideas and inputs from your broadcasters because they have worked with other platforms and they can offer free tips on how to increase your business. You just need to open your ears and take notes!

Make your promises realistic

It is better to under promise and over deliver, then every extra thing brings happiness. On average, unhappy broadcasters share their experience with 20 people or more while satisfied  broadcasters share their experience with three or four people. One way to avoid the nay-sayers is to set realistic expectations from the get go and take on only broadcasters that are happy with that.  

Keep this tip in mind for your clients as well! 

I hope all of these tips are helpful in increasing your business and your relationship! 

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What's the minimum investment to start a live streaming business

Every day more and more people are quitting their 9 to 5 jobs in pursuit of their passion for being an independent entrepreneur. 

Life as a businessman is the best because, well, you are the boss, you plan your time, work from anywhere and most of all, earn more money. 

Global Revenue Growth

Since being an entrepreneur has so many benefits and it gives you a freedom like no other, everyone dreams of becoming one.  The truth is that not everyone can run his own business. The key to any successful business is actually having a plan. It would help to map out the specifics of your business and research the unknown aspects. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how to have your own live streaming business with minimum investment. We cover everything you need, plus the numbers to make it!  

Here are the basic steps of any live streaming business: 

  1. Find a platform
  2. Find a payment processor
  3. Find broadcasters
  4. Find clients
  5. Decide on how to monetize your business

All of this with the minimum of investment. 

Let’s start! 

Find a platform

Platforms come in multiple ways. You can build your own from scratch, purchase an open-source license or purchase a SaaS package. 

What are the differences? 

Plan your business

  1. Building your own platform is the biggest investment you can make. You need a technical team, a testing team, money and time. If you employ for example a tech team of around 25-30 employees for your project, a basic platform can be finished in 6-8 months. With an average price of $50/h, you are looking at a cost of at least $50.000, for a basic platform, with not so many features. Besides this general cost, you are looking into costs of hosting, maintenance and updates for your own product.     
  2. Purchasing an Open Source platform - someone creates the platform, you try it. If you like it, you can purchase it. Being open-source, you have access to the code and develop it how you desire. It usually costs up to $10.000, but you also need servers and a tech team that works on maintaining the platform. Open source means it’s yours and there are no strings attached. 
  3. Purchase a SaaS platform - the platform is offered as a service. The prices are the smallest, can start at $500/mo or less, including hosting, maintenance, support, updates, and upgrades. 

Starting a business on a budget means that the best idea is having a SaaS platform, make sure it’s a white-label so it can be customized to your brand.

Find Payment Processor

Find a Payment Gateway

Live Streaming is a business and any business needs income to survive. This is where payment processors come into place. They manage the exchange between the clients and you. Clients buy tokens with their money and spend the tokens on the platform. Every payment processor has a percentage, depending on the risk factor of your business, usually around 10-15%. 

But you cannot be in business without them!

Want to check some payment processors, check: CCbill, Netbilling, Epoch, Paypal. 

Find broadcasters

Find broadcasters

Finding broadcasters requires some work, they’re your workforce. Broadcasters work on percentages, they work, they have money and so do you. Try advertising your platform on forums where the broadcasters discuss, maybe create some adds or target them via social media.  

Want to read more on this, check our article: How to find broadcasters


Finding clients 

This can be done via traffic and marketing. Depending on your time and skills, you can do the marketing yourself or you can hire others to do it. 

If you decide to cut some costs and do it yourself, then you’re looking into some weeks of constant writing on social media and content writing. It’s free but it takes time and learning. Want something faster and more professional? Then check others that provide this service. Having a traffic company doing this for you doesn’t have to be expensive, the minimum package you can purchase is $5. 

Interested in reading more on this? Check here: How to bring traffic

Value of your product

How do you monetize your business? 

Soon more and more businesses will be online, this is the future. Be part of the future, without breaking the bank. If you’ve marchet all the steps above you are looking into a successful business. 

What more? 

New businesses take time to launch, time that you will have to invest in your own business. With a successful business plan, you are looking into having revenue in around 3 months. If you plan everything smart, you are looking into a small investment, somewhere around $1500-2000, but once the business starts going, you can get that money back even in one month. This is a very small investment compared to 10 years ago when these options did not exist.  

What are some important aspects?

  • Have your broadcasters are online as much as possible - at the beginning, you need at least a few broadcasters online so you can focus on bringing clients. This means you need to motivate them to be online without making money. The minimum cost for this is $6/h/broadcaster - this will help you get started faster. 
  • Market to potential clients hear about your platform - online business is a global one - you need to advertise it
  • Keep your clients - clients remain if the services are good, not if you offer constant discounts

It all depends on your business strategy.

What kind of business model do you have for your platform? 




Don’t know the differences? Check this article: Business Models

So, what do you think? Are you fit to start your own business and live the dream? 

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How do I bring traffic to my new platform?

Having an online business might seem like a dream for most of us. As nice as it might be to have your own schedule, work from anywhere around the world and have others work on your platform. 

Start your online business

Live Streaming is an increasingly profitable business, but, like any business, you need to know how to run it in order to be successful and live the dream. Any business has its challenges, between a physical business and an online business, the online world offers you a greater potential to achieve financial happiness. 

Setting up the online business doesn’t have to take years, you can purchase/rent a White Label and you will have everything set up for you. Once you have a platform, the next things you need are broadcasters and clients. 

In this article, I would like to discuss how you bring clients on to your platform. Once you have your business in a global market, you need to find ways for clients to know about you and access your services. 

Free traffic options

So here are some quick tips. 

Like with any service, you can bring traffic free of cost to your platform,or you can have others do that for you, for a cost.

Let’s check the FREE ways to bring traffic. 

FREE ways mean that, instead of having others help you, you do everything, so the cost, in this case, is your time and resources. 

Traffic Options

Social Media

Many small businesses start using Social Media to help drive traffic to their own platform. Many businesses use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as their main channels. This type of organic social growth doesn’t require money, it just requires time and patience. 

When using social media to drive traffic, you need to make sure that you stay active and you post on a consistent schedule, share content from other pages and from your own as well. Many small businesses get out of business because they refuse to post other materials that are not related to their business. You need to focus on pleasing the clients not over advertising your business.    

Guest Posting

Additionally to creating evergreen content for your new business, take the time to write for someone else, that will drive a large sudden traffic boost to your own platform. The advantage is that you are also tapping into new audiences. This requires a lot of work and time as well, but it’s free. Try creating a relationship with someone in the field and guest write for his or her audience. This will bring an entirely new audience to your platform. 

Don’t have the time or skills? 

Paid Traffic services

Then try the various methods of PAID Traffic

Traffic Companies 

Traffic Companies help drive traffic directly to your platform, without you losing time on content and marketing. You set a budget and based on that, they drive traffic. It’s your job to make those into clients, once they’ve reached your platform. 

According to one Traffic Provider:

“You can target your campaign by country, category and operating system.

You can also use the [siteid] dynamic parameter in your campaign URL which will be replaced with the publisher's website identifier. After you have run a test period you can remove websites from the members panel that don't fit or perform with your campaign.”

You don’t need to invest a lot of money, most traffic companies start with $5. 
Using just $1 you can have around 100 users on your platform!

Paid Ads

Paid Ads are used to generate traffic fast, almost immediate. Generating organic traffic can take weeks or even months, whereas paid ads brings you traffic much faster. 

Entering into the paid ads industry can be hard at first, without any experience. 

One quick tip? 

Avoid using banner ads, since they are known to provide a low rate of turn, since most people only click on them by accident. 

For a small business, it’s best to search ads for your industry and have them placed where your traffic lies: forums, blogs, or other platforms. 

Want to learn more? You can even contract an independent marketing specialist and have a plan made that guarantees your business boosts. 

Like with any business, online business have pros and cons, but it’s the best pro is that your clients are from all around the world! Which means that your potential is endless! 

Have a burning question? 

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AvenoCam brings you November 2019 updates

Hello Readers,

Hope you are all well!

As some of you might know, we are deploying Updates and Maintenance between the intervals of 2 weeks to a month. These updates are made to ensure the best functionality and experience broadcasters and clients have on the platform. This November we are proud to bring you the most exciting updates!

For November 2019, we have prepared a series of such changes, that are displayed bellow:

Updates of the API Application

API Application updates:

## [1.1.21] (2019-11-26)

 *Statistics improvements and bug fixing*

  - overall improvements

 *NetBilling postback url fix*

 *Online notifications*

- Email template :: fix for broadcaster name

  - code cleanup - remove old/outdated versions of code

 *Newsletter emails*

  - white labeling fix

  - sendFrom email fix

 *Viewers count fix for decrementing to negatives*

 *Broadcasters API*

  - filtering fix for premium

  - ordering by room type improvements

- hotfix semantical profile error regarding premium broadcasters


  - sync latest updates between master and development - get latest to everything

  - code improvements and optimizations

- hotfix semantical profile error regarding premium broadcasters

Updates of your administrator page

Admin Application updates:

## [1.1.10] - 2019-11-28

### Premium Room

- Display statistics for premium room

### Broadcasters listing

- Display info regarding credits on table

Updates of the Client Application

Client Application updates:

## [1.1.24] (2019-11-27)

1.Broadcaster Room - Broadcaster view

- Userlist

  •     sound notification when user enters room
  •     select user and see his tokens in real time
  •     if selected user is leaving the room, reset selected user info
  •     change PREMIUM USERS section to VIP
  •     Anonymous user display
  •     Mobile anonymous log in update user list accordingly

- Video Streaming

  •     check camera driver/camera permission when preview camera is selected

   - WebRTC version fix

  •     Display the current room price if not free

- Broadcaster streaming page components

   - Online notifications

   - Room Topic

  •        can be edited only in free room
  •        on other rooms than free, this section is hidden

   - Room Goal

  •        can be edited only in free room
  •        on other rooms than free, this section is hidden

   - Tokens and Selected user info

- Chat improvements

  •    chat layout improvements
  •    send message & send tip improvements
  •    mobile and desktop consistency
  •    mobile show tips section fix
  •    pagination fix on all chat rooms

2.Broadcaster Room - Client view

- Tabs

  •    disable related tab until this section is improved - for the moment this was affecting loading speed

- Userlist

  •    Mobile Anonymous log in update accordingly

- Favourite icon on room page

- Chat component improvements and consistency between desktop and mobile

- Pagination on chat fix

- Send message/tip improvements

  •    mobile layout and functionality
  •    chat details over chat text fix - on other rooms than free

- Display the current room price

  •    when: on client side for any room other than free
  •    where: in the timing part on video streaming
  •    also: before entering in room updates for all rooms

3.Premium Room

- Premium room ending fixes and updates in flow

4.UI improvements

- Buttons consistency and UI improvements

5.General improvements

- Model agreement contract generate fix

- Technical modal

  •    expiry time set to 60 min
  •    display the modal if’s active once every 60 min

- Layout/Footer/Header/SidebarDesktop/SidebarMobile improvements and design consistency

- Remove a lot of unused CSS

- Improving animations for sidebar desktop and sub header mobile menu

- UI improvements :: static pages

- Adding option to quickly reset applied filters on broadcasters page

  •    All and Broadcasters button on header
  •    acts like a Home button

- Account modal and Broadcaster Register Modal

  •    removed model register from account modal (login/signup)
  •    on Account modal, users can only register as clients
  •    Use Broadcaster Register modal / Model SignUp (from footer) instead     - this is the general usage on the industry

6.Security improvements

  • Remove console logs
  • Stability and permissions updates

Try the DEMO for yourself

Where can you test all these changes you might ask yourself?

On The DEMO of course - CHECK DEMO

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Premium Business Model

What’s your Business Model? Freemium or Premium? 

The Live Streaming Industry is very complex and everyone has a successful business model. 

What is the difference between Freemium and Premium? 


Freemium business model relies on heavy traffic, the streams are free. Broadcasters earn their income via tips, gallery and invitations to private room. This means a broadcaster may have tens of clients at once and income is earned by convincing the clients to pay. 

The heart of freemium is negotiation. 

What to negotiate you might ask? 

For example, a musician might request a number of tokens for purchasing a new instrument that he will use during the live streaming. He will promote his wish and price in the description and his fans can support him.



Premium business model is a different story. It does not rely on heavy traffic, you don’t need hundreds of clients to have a successful business. This business model seeks a higher profit margin on a lower traffic volume. This means the control is in the hands of the broadcasters. Your broadcasters can have as many clients in the room, and every one of them pay/minute. 

For example, if a teacher has 10 students in his room, each paying $1/min, that equals to $600/h. 

Premium model differs from Freemium model in the sense that in premium, broadcasters focus on their craft and on freemium, broadcasters focus on both craft and relationship with the client. 


Every businessman needs to find his/hers business model. 

For you, the administrator, Freemium means concentrating and investing on traffic via 3rd party companies, so you can provide clients to your working broadcasters.       

Premium means less investing on traffic and more investing on marketing. 


What fits you best? 

DOES NOT MATTER! You don’t have to decide now - AvenoCam provides you both of the options!


AvenoCam has started as a Freemium business model for everyone that wants to start a business or expand an existing business. Now, we’re ready to offer you a complete business model solution. Both you and your broadcasters can decide what fits better. Why choose 1 out of 2, when you can have both? 


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We’re sorry Flash, but WebRTC is the future

You probably remember the first time you opened your internet browser and surfed for hours and hours. That couldn’t happen without the good-old Adobe Flash Player. It’s probably the best-known media solution from our browsers back in the day, but why just back in the day?

Back in the day, because now we have access to something much more efficient, it’s called WebRTC and HTML5. These 2 new technologies are used even by the biggest players of the industry like Facebook, Google and Skype. Imagine Flash as the point of connection of two roads but in terms of an exchange of information. Everything had to go through that intersection, but the new technologies are like some huge highways connecting point A to point B without any intersections, which means it’s much faster and easier to use.

Flash is a plug-in that you have to download on your browsers in order to make it work, and the process could create problems for the less experimented users of the internet, but WebRTC and HTML5 don’t require any effort, because they are built-in into the browsers. The biggest reason to worry about is that Adobe announced that will stop the support for the product. Flash is coded in Flex, which means poor video and audio quality. WebRTC is coded in JavaScript (essentially the Internet’s mother tongue) which is a big plus. Another important issue with Flash comparing to WebRTC and HTML5 is that it need a higher processing power than the other two.

Flash is also more “resource oriented”, this means that it requires more space because it’s basically a plug-in which needs to be installed. It seems that Flash has issues even with SEO because it’s considered as a non SEO friendly plug-in comparing to HTML5 which is a native on browser, SEO friendly technology.

There are some things that are good to know, even if you’re not the biggest tech fan, especially when it comes to starting an online business. In the live video streaming business the quality of the stream has a crucial importance, this is why we always keep up with the latest technologies like WebRTC and HTML5.  After reading this article we hope that you understand the importance of these changes in the online world, changes that look small at first, but have a massive impact on the user’s overall satisfaction.

Interested how WebRTC works, get your free demo:

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How to Find Performers for Your Live Cam Business?

Everybody knows that finding models for a cam site is an essential step in this business, but finding the really good ones becomes a real challenge for many websites.

We prepared this article so you can have a clear vision about where should you start. How to find those performers, wherever they may be and convince them to appear on your website. You will discover different kind of approaches, tips and even exact website names so the process of finding the best models will be faster and easier.

Indeed, finding performers is a little bit of work. You have to post on different blogs, forums and advertise via social media.Primarily that implies that your performers have to either be really talented or they should just know how to put on a good show in front of the camera.

So let’s get started


There are 3 ways to find and hire performers for your online streaming business:






Just like any other business moving towards expansion, you’re going to have to put yourself out there and let the world of performers know that you’re hiring.

For that, it is preferred that you post an advertisement first. No one will know you’re hiring otherwise.

This advertisement can be in the form of a banner ad just like the ones you see popping up on the sides of any website you visit or if you’re really willing to go big you can use Google Ads, it might cost you a bit, but it’ll give you an edge over your competitors.

The best websites for posting advertisements are or

In order to receive maximum submissions make your advertisement stand out.

Show them how much money they can make or any other additional features you’ll be offering them and remember to leave a contact number or reference.



This technique requires you to be persistent enough because you’re going to have to select the right performers.
Looking for talented performers whom you can predict will give your business the cutting edge. Once you’ve found the performers you want, it’s time to make the pitch.

Search for their contact details for example an email id or preferably a phone number.

Before you pursue these potential performers you need to be wary of the market trends; what the average income of a performer is, and what performers are actually looking for.

Once you’ve acquired all the knowledge, use it and transform it into a job offer that they simply cannot refuse.



Even though it might be annoying to some but spamming is a good way to get your message across to a bigger audience.

Use different forums that relate to what kind of business you’re doing and post your ads on each and every forum you see.

Do it ten, twenty or even thirty times and it will get you more chances.

Other than that you can ask around in your social network or use your group of friends to spread the word about your business and the job you’re offering.


XBIZ — the industry hub

AmberCutie’s Forum

WeCamgirls Forum



Other methods to employ are creating a banner to advertise the job offers directly on your platform and once you advertise the platform itself, broadcasters can see the job availabilities.

You can also search for studios that can provide the broadcasters for you. Tips for countries where you can find performers for Live Cam: Romania, Colombia, USA, Ukraine, Brazil, Russia, Spain etc.


These are just a few ways to get your business up and running.

But if you work on these guidelines effectively, sooner rather than later you’ll have a huge number of performers to choose from.

Remember, you’re offering them money so once they approach you, you’re the one in the driver’s seat.

Our best advice is to literally experience how it feels to be the owner of a camsite by trying our interactive demo for free. You can choose how to see the platform, either if you’re a user, a model or an admin. If you want to find out more, we are glad to offer some help.

Get your Free demo:

Good luck!


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How much money can I earn with a Live Cam website?

In this fast, stressed and anxious world, the need for social interaction has increased, just as the number of lonely men. This is a less positive fact, but on the other side, some businesses identified a very profitable opportunity to make money online. Yes, you guessed it, we’re talking about the Live Cam industry, which produces billions of dollars annually and it’s in continuous growth.


Single men are swapping tables at strip clubs for laptops in bed. Which makes a lot of sense, it's private, reliable, and arguably more intimate: members are able to check back in with their favorite models whenever they like. In the Live Cam industry, the models need to have some serious communication skills, they need to develop techniques to keep the users connected for a long period of time and they have to be entertaining, not just good looking. In conclusion, is not that easy as it seems in the first place to be a model.


The best advice we could give to a model is to invest in personal development because a good performer needs to have advanced English skills in order to have complex conversations with the users and to make them come back often. As we said, good looks are not enough, but with the proper training, even a mediocre looking person can become a successful model.


Either if you’re an aspiring model or you’re planning to open your own Live Cam website, this article will help you to make an overall image about how much money is the industry, how are the models getting paid, how much money goes to the studio, to the platform and so on.


Our company is in the industry for many years and thanks to our trustworthy partners we can show you an accurate scheme about how much money is made and how that money is split.


Total income generated by the model:

Income / minute Income / day Monthly (21 working days) Monthly (25 working days)
6-7 working hours / day 3$ in private 450$ - 750$ 9.450$ - 15.750$ (30-50 private shows)  11.250$ – 18.750$ (50-60)
8-9 working hours / day 3$ in private 600$ - 900$ 12.600$ - 18.900$ (30-50 private shows) 15.000$ - 22.500$ (70+)
                                                                                                                                                                                      + tips, photos and videos


Income distribution:                                                                                              

Owner income (min - max) Model & Studio income (min - max)
Owner keep 75% and share 25% (working 21 days) 7.087 $ - 14.175 $ 2.363 $ - 4.725 $
Owner keep 40% and share 60% (working 21 days) 3.780 $ - 7.560 $ 5.670 $ - 11.340 $
Owner keep 75% and share 25% (working 25 days) 8.437 $ - 16.875 $ 2.813 $ - 5.625 $
Owner keep 40% and share 60% (working 25 days) 4.500 $ - 9.000 $ 6.750 $ - 13.500$


We have some information about the income from the bests of the industry:

Name Average Income/ 1 minute  Average Income/ 5 minute 
LiveJasmin Link 2$ - 4$ 12$ - 18$
imLive Link 1$ - 6$ 5$ - 29$
BongaCams Link 2$ - 3$ 12$ -18$


The number of hours and income may vary and the article is for informational purposes only. As you can see, the income of a model is above an average salary. A nice slice goes to the website owners and studios as well,  so basically everybody is a winner in this story.

How can you know if you like something if you never tried it? Well, we got you covered.

Now you can test our free demo and see how it feels like to be in control of an actual platform.

It took 4 years to build the platform and it’s the effort of 12 experienced developers from Transylvania.

It has the potential to become the new Live Jasmin or Chaturbate and it has a realistic simulation for models, users, and admins, so if you want to try it for free just click on the link  


Want to hear more? Contact us:  [email protected]

Benefits of SaaS

In this article, we will give some advice on what you should take into consideration when it comes to an online platform, so if you plan to open your own online business you’re in the right place. If you’re curious about how can you benefit from SaaS, this is the right article for you.

You have a 3-step guide for a fast and easy understanding about how can you create your own platform, valuable information about hosting and last but not least, a short description about SaaS, so you can have an overview for a better understanding.


What is SaaS and why you should be excited about it’s existence?

SaaS for the tech industry is like the invention of the gunpowder for the military industry, once you use it, you can’t imagine working without it.

Thanks to SaaS you have everything in one place, the platform is hosted centrally, so an update is decided and executed by the provider, not by customers. It has a single configuration, making development testing faster, the solution provider has access to user behavior within the application making it easier to identify areas worthy of improvement.

SaaS is generally subscription-based and has resulting in lower initial costs.

What does this mean? It means that you don’t have to spend some extra thousands on additional to hire a team of tech guys. Using SaaS you can still have all the benefits of a high-end product with less effort and less money, so you can grow your business faster than ever.

You don’t have to worry about updates, hosting, maintenance and many other stuff.

In this article we will present you the pros and cons of SaaS, how can you develop your own platform, what are the procedures when it comes to support, payments or implementation.


How and why did SaaS appear?

Before Saas you had only these 2 options:

  • Develop your own platform from scratch
  • Purchase an open source platform

Then the SaaS technology came in and changed the market forever for all industries.

Let’s start from the beginning, the first thing you got to do is to:


  1. Develop your own platform

This means finding your development team for the Back-end, Front-end, Streaming implementation (live streaming), have interfaces for clients, broadcasters, for yourself, implement the option of online payments, other features such as Video implementation and many others.

Ok, you need to find your developers. In the IT world, projects are paid per hour of implementation and everyone has a price/hour.

For example, to implement just the Video Streaming option (for your broadcasters to upload videos), the cost is around $5000. This does not include anything else besides the Video Streaming, not Live streaming.

Now comes the planning part.

  1. What budget do you have and how much time can you invest in this project without having any kind of profit? Keep in mind that at this stage, you just invest.
  2. Find the development teams.

What is important to know? The development cost does not include only the development itself, but the following:

  • Discovery,
  • Implementation,
  • Testing,
  • Debugging,
  • Launching     

This means that besides developers you will need testers specialized in what the developers work on.

If you assign only one developer for each type of task, paired with only one tester, this could mean years of development and investment.

Depending on the experience and specialty of the developer, prices may vary a LOT, mainly between $45-$100/hour. By doing simple math, an average Live Streaming Platform with not so many features, make take around 1 year to develop. This means that you can spend between $394200 - $876000, just for a standard platform. If you’re interested in features to boost up the platform and make it more attractive, you empty your pockets even more.

Here there may occur some inconveniences. If you randomly assign developers without testing of their performance, you risk throwing money down the drain and spending even more, by assigning others to fix the issues and paying of course.

After the platform is ready, you need to think about the following:

  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Updates


Hosting: search for a service provider that offers servers fit for your platform. Prices vary a lot and you pay for the service every month. Why do you need servers? A platform without a server/multiple servers to run on equals lines of codes that only IT people understand.

Best servers out there? Cloud servers. Cost? Check Amazon Cloud Servers, Google Cloud Servers or Digital Ocean.


Support - for what exactly?

  • Bug fixes
  • Updates
  • Implementations
  • Emergency situations

It’s perfectly normal to encounter bugs big or small once you launch a product. Beta testing cannot accurately replicate a real case scenario in which real clients and real broadcasters use the platform. You need a team that works only on fixing the bugs once they occur, be prepared to open more servers if you have to and so on.


Updates - just take a minute and check how many updates are released every year on Desktop Browsers and mobile browsers.

For example: Google updated Chrome eight times in 2017, the most of any of the Big Four browsers.

What does this mean for your business? With each browser update, your platform can be less compatible. Clients don’t care, they access services that work. If Chrome releases an update, you need to release one, too, for your clients that use Chrome, and you need to make it fast. Otherwise, you lose business. This means you need a team that tracks the changes and implements the updates. If you wait too much for that update, the browser may release another update and so on.  


Implementations - you want to keep your clients interested in your business. This means that you have to evolve together with the times. Check what features become popular and implement them. This means that you will be investing money constantly, in order to keep your clients happy, otherwise, they’ll use other platforms, easy.


How can you pay for the services?

You need to implement a payments system for the customers and a paying system for yourself (how else can you monitor how much to pay every broadcaster?).

After the system is implemented, you need to start working with a payment processor and integrate it on your platform (p.s. Only IT people know how).

After all this, you are ready to start the business and work on the business itself.



Once the platform is ready, you need broadcasters on it. This means you need to start recruiting broadcasters, which can be done by yourself or pay other professionals to do that for you.

After you have broadcasters, you need clients!

This means marketing. This again can be done by yourself or via professionals that can offer that service for a cost.


Depending on the budget you still have after launching the platform, you can invest in finding broadcasters and clients faster. Or do it yourself and take a longer time. No services will offer you a 100% success rate for anything.


In a nutshell, there are advantages and disadvantages to this:

Advantages: No limits.

Disadvantages: Requires major investment, time-consuming, high risk.

The biggest disadvantage being that NOT everyone can do it. You either need to have a lot of money from another business, that you can invest. Or be backed by investors. Or Wind the lottery?

With investors, they can easily take their money back because they don’t want to wait for years to get their investment back.  


  1. Purchase an open source platform.


This was the best solution for people with a smaller budget (most of the people that want to have an online business).


What does this mean?

Well, a company with developers work on developing a code/ a framework for your future business. Open source means that you have access to the code, and can make any desired changes to it. If you have your own development team, of course.


There are several companies that can provide you software that would give you a basic structure of a cam site for a one-time payment. They give you various options to set up your site that works with your needs. Sometimes they also provide server services which help a lot.

So this means that you skip some of the parts of making your own platform from scratch, but you still need to work on the script itself, make changes to it and the rest.


In a nutshell, you purchase a code, that’s the start of your Live Streaming Business. You pay a fraction of the price, between $2000 - $10000. But, once you employ a development team on the open source platform, that team needs time to learn the structure of the platform, which you are paying for of course, and continue with developing the platform and implementing the features you further need.

To this you still need to add:

  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Updates


The company that provided you the open source script may have updates available, for which you have to pay. The risk here is that if your own team did not integrate the custom work accordingly, you will lose everything… and pay for it again….


Then you can start working on your business!


Advantages: Easier, somewhere average costs.

Disadvantages: Poor designs, limits in features, strong need of content.


  1. Now let’s talk about SaaS


SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Shortly, a company provides you with everything so you can focus only on your business. That means you don’t spend years on developing a product, others provide it for you.


Now why would this be better than open source? The company does everything for you, when I speak of everything, I mean everything. You purchase the License, they set up the hosting, offer you support services and offer you their own developers for custom work and know the code inside out.


Remember that example? That Chrome released in 2017, 8 updates. With SaaS services, the company intercepts those updates and update your platform as well, so your business won’t suffer.


Features? SaaS companies not only perform custom works for you, but they anticipate trends and also develop features that you can purchase them at a fraction of a price.


In a nutshell, SaaS is the future for Businessman that want to make money and have a team behind, without spending a fortune, or two…

This opens opportunities for everyone, you don’t need to wait to win the lottery, just contact us at


Advantages: Average Costs, an entire team behind you, Quality

Disadvantages: Can’t play with the code, the focus is on the business


Now let us say something about AvenoCam, our SaaS:

Little history about the platform:

  • Development time: 4 years
  • Hours of development: + 90.000 hours
  • Code lines written: + 3.000.000
  • Workforce: 12 Middle & Senior IT Developers
  • Investment: over $1.5 million
  • Arrive with an experience of over 10 years in know how


How much do you pay for it?

This much:


What do we offer you?


  • Platform
  • Hosting (Cloud - 7 servers)
  • Support
  • Backed up by our technical team
  • Updates
  • Bug-fix
  • Custom work
  • Performance updates


Want to hear more? We also assist you with…

  • Setting up accounts with the best payment gateways
  • Business Support
  • Individual guidance with our Success Manager


We don’t just offer custom work, we develop our own features in the meantime. You can just say ‘I want that” and you’ll have it in no time!

Example of features we’ve recently added?

E-mail notification to clients. Your clients will receive e-mail notifications once their favourite broadcasters are Live! Fun, right?

Others? We’re working on a scheduler, this way clients can schedule themselves when the broadcaster is available.

Example of SaaS products?


  • Shopify
  • Salesforce

Currently, most of your favorite online stores use shopify!

Welcome to the future! Start your own business without winning the lottery.


The best way to get familiarized with a SaaS platform is by trying our interactive demo for free.

Now you can feel the experience of a user, model or admin thanks to our interactive guideline and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Get my free demo:


Want to hear more? Contact us: [email protected]

5 Steps to Start a Successful Live Cam Business

The world economy is slowly entering a recession and you’re asking how can you make money by starting a successful online business in the streaming industry.

The streaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. With over 113% growth per year and to be estimated to be $70 billion (61 billion €).

Who enters the market now, will have the advantage of being a pioneer in a very successful business? Possible niches you can target are Live Cam, Entertainment, Gaming, Astrology, Psychic, Consultancy, E-Learning & Telemedicine.

Now you may ask yourself, how can I start such an online streaming business? Let’s take for instance a Live Cam Business to see how it works:

Here is a proven sequence of steps you can follow to start your successful Live Cam Online Business:

  1. Find a Live Cam Platform
  2. Find a Payment Gateway
  3. How to earn Money?
  4. Find Performers
  5. Get Paying Clients


Step 1: Find a Live Cam Platform

Finding a Live Cam Platform is more profitable than investing in making it from scratch. Nowadays, SaaS-companies can offer you the platform in just a few days and at just a fraction of the price!

This being said, please look for some of these features when searching for a platform:  

Live Video Streaming & Stream Quality – Make sure to choose HTML5 and not Flash since Flash will not be supported anymore on some browsers starting from this summer.

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Compatibility – Today a platform needs to be universally compatible. Up to 85% of the clients use mobile and tablets when enjoying Adult Cam services.

Chat – Everyone needs to chat, just seeing the stream is not enough. Enhance the experience by providing a cool chat, that has not only text options, but also emojis and fun ways of writing.

Money system (tokens)  – Your clients need to have a method of purchasing tokens easy & fast, so they don’t lose interest in spending money on your platform.

Tips and different streaming rooms – Tipping is the core of adult cam businesses, this is how relationships between the client and the performer are built.

Administration Area  – You being the boss, you need your own admin area to manage your entire business and having an overview of your own business.

Hosting, Support, Update, Maintenance – these are a must have that you need to think about. Any platform needs constant support, update, and maintenance, in order to keep up with the demand. Hosting is a quintessential part without which the platform is not rolling.  

If you are interested in how a modern all-in-one live cam platform looks like, we invite you to test our software AVENOCAM online.


Step 2: Find Payment Gateway

What is a payment gateway? A payment gateway is your money-collector of the paying clients who come to your platform and buy your platform tokens.

You have to find one which is working in as many as countries as possible and accept different types of payments.

Because Live Cam Industry is such a niche industry you need a reliable partner. We really appreciate and recommend our partner CCBill, who unifies all those points.


Step 3: How to earn Money?

The Live cam industry has embraced and tested some business models – the successful ones have remained. There are many ways to succeed, it depends only on how you’d like to proceed.  

The Freemium Business Model is based on providing free streams to having hundreds of users. Since the room is free, the income comes from multiple constant tips and from the gallery content. Successful examples of such business models are Chaturbate.

The Premium Business Model is based on a limited amount of free chat followed by paid private rooms & tips. Premium already works by having few clients on the stream that are convinced by the performer to go into the paid rooms. A successful example of such a business model is LiveJasmin.

As you can see, both business models can be successful!  

Well, let’s detail Monetization a little bit. In different ways, clients reach your platform (-> Step 5). They check it and create accounts on it.

After creating accounts, they purchase tokens at a click. After clients bought tokens, their money goes right into your account. Clients spend the tokens on the platform and purchase more.

In the end, the platform generates the payments for your performers, so you know exactly who and how much to pay.    


Step 4: Find Performers

You may think you don’t know where to start from and it may be intimidating. Here is a small guide of how to find performers.

Just like any other business moving towards expansion, you’re going to have to put yourself out there and let the world of performers know that you’re hiring in the form of banner ads and advertisements.

Another way is to requires you to be persistent enough and hold the powers of a cunning detective, because you’re going to have to select the right performers. You will find them when surfing on different websites that fall under the category of the industry you want to enter. Once you’ve found the performers you want, it’s time to make the pitch. Search for their contact details, for example, an email address or preferably a phone number.

Additional you can ‘spam’ in different forums that relate to what kind of business you’re doing and post your ads on each and every forum you see. Do it ten, twenty or even thirty times and it will get you more attention.

Last but not least: Ask around in your social network or use your group of friends to spread the word about your business and the job you’re offering.

Tips for Countries where you can find a performer for Live Cam: Romania, Colombia, USA, Ukraine, Brazil, Russia, Spain etc. – Good luck!


Step 5: Get Paying Clients

Once you have the platform, the team, the performers, you need paying clients!

There are multiple ways to acquire those clients, here we will discuss 2 main types.

The classic way of getting clients: advertisements on specialized sites, SEM (search engineering marketing), and social media marketing. You can start with one of them, but frankly, the most helpful is a combo of all of them.

Another way is to use Intelligent Traffic. It is a new kid on the block, that makes the traditional traffic more efficient. DivaTraffic is one company that has adopted this new technology. DivaTraffic sends all the traffic just when performers are online.

This way, the platform gets popularised exactly when the performers are online, and the amount of traffic sent depends on how much traffic already exists on the performers’ rooms.      

If you have more questions regarding How to start a successful streaming business, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to be of help. Write to us at [email protected] or test our software

Thank you!