We're starting Webinars! Come and join us

2020 has just begun and we’re keeping up with the trends. Want to know the biggest trend this Year? 

Live Stream - personal and instant. 

Pre-recorded videos will not bring as much revenue, since the skyrocket of Youtube and other Provides that offer FREE or Very Cheap Content. If you don’t have heavy funding behind you, you cannot keep up with that market.   

Take your chance and start your Live Stream business, be part of the trend!   

AvenoCam is a Live Stream platform that offers you a complete solution for any Webcam business. As a live stream company, we want to get to know you better so we’re starting a WEBINAR series! 

Live Stream - Personal and Instant - Bringing us together
Live Stream - Connecting People

The ERA of Live Interactions

A webinar is an online Live meeting or a presentation. Better said, it is an online event which enables both individuals and viewers to connect all around the world.  

The main feature of a webinar is the INTERACTIVITY. It’s not like viewing a Youtube video and leaving a comment, but having a live review/exchange of information.   

For more details you can check How a Webinar Works 

Everything is connected
Connecting is the future

The Advantages of Webinars

First of all, the greatest advantage to webinars is the convenience. This is exactly why webinars are getting more and more attention these days and it’s only up from here! 

Webinars make it possible to hold conferences or presentations at any time and any place. Anyone can participate in a webinar from home, work, or even on a vacation. 

Just a click away! 

For more advantages in your own business, check 7 Lasting Benefits to Webinar

Camera Lens in Autumn Leaves
Join AvenoCam Webinar

Why AvenoCam on webinar? 

We’re a young and enthusiastic team. We want to connect with you and get to know you better, get to know what are your business interests and how you can use our product to reach that goal. 

AvenoCam is a Live Streaming Complete Product, that enables you to take your business online. Considering that live streaming is a growing industry in every domain, we wish to hold multiple webinars so we can present you the product, have the chance to chat a little bit with you and answer all your questions. 

Secondly, we want to host webinars so we can connect with you on a more personal level, to get to know you better. 

Interested to find out more? Check our New Year’s Resolution

What should you expect from our Webinars?

  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Communication 
  • Q&A 
  • Openness 

Want to use Webinars as marketing for your own business? Check this great article on HOW TO MEASURE WEBINAR SUCCESS

Interested? Feel free to ask ask about our webinar schedules at [email protected]

We will keep you posted regarding our schedules. Stay curious! 

New Year's Resolution

No matter where you are in the world, we have something in common. THE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION is a global phenomenon that brings everyone together! 

The first day of the year is the best time to prioritize your life and creating goals for the months to come. 

Just as you, the individual reader set your resolution, we do the same! Companies spend a lot of time planning for what’s to come for a specific year. 

As you’ve seen in our previous article, a lot has happened in 2019 for AvenoCam as a product and for us, the members of this company. 

In the year 2019, our main focus was stabilizing the product and making it as best as possible, so everyone can enjoy it. 

The year 2020 is a very important one for the Live streaming community, for one particular event: THE DEATH OF FLASH. As such everyone is rushing to change their streaming technology and we want to be part of the solution for our potential clients. 

So, here are some of our New Year’s Resolution for 2020:

Build a better budget

During 2019, we’ve made a lot of adjustments to the prices. This happens a lot in the IT industry since there are multiple factors that we have to take into consideration, such as: 

  • Changing prices/policies of our own providers 
  • Current plans for the product
  • General staff costs
  • Political changes in our own country and in other’s  

We’ve tried to push the prices as low as possible, so more people can start their online business. 

But, at the same time, in order to constantly improve AvenoCam and develop new features you need both workforce and financial resources.

In 2020 we plan to grow our team and start working on more features. At the same time, we wish that our product would reach more financially diverse people, so we’re working on that!  

Be closer to you 

Connecting with you, the people is one of our priorities for 2020. We know we haven’t been the most visible presence out there, but we’re working on it. 

This means you will not see just AvenoCam more frequently, but us, the members, the humans behind the business. With this, we hope to increase the trust in the product and in us, the people that talk to you!   

Grow our Team 

As mentioned earlier, in order to make the product better, work on individual features and on features that we finance, we need more colleagues. 

This is one of our New Year’s Resolution, to invest more on the IT department, get more colleagues and get more efficient.

The target is very important for any company that has growth in mind. Without sufficient workforce, you can say you’re out of business. 

2020 is the year that we want to receive a streaming award! 

Publish regular articles that are of interest 

We wish to be consistent and publish regularly. Articles will be on different themes, that are of interest to most of you! They will be independent of the industry you want to work in.

We want to publish materials on different topics. Some may contain news from the tech world, some may be about different industries, or even just us talking to you, getting to know each other. 

If it’s something you would be interested in and have topics in mind, please send your questions and topics at [email protected] 

This is a sneak peak of our New Year’s Resolution, what’s yours? 

Let us know in the comments below or on [email protected] 

An overview of 2019

The Year 2019 has come to an end and we’re looking forward to what 2020 brings us. What we want to highlight with this article is AvenoCam 2019 milestones and how was 2019 for us. 

I’m going to start with some numbers.

In 2019 we’ve made 25 large updates to the platform and all the focus was on stability and improvements. We’re happy to say that in terms of stability, we’ve managed to achieve our 2019 Goals! 

In 2019 we’ve managed to release new features, partly thanks to our great clients that supported us in those projects!

Here’s what we’ve released: 

  • Dark / Red theme
  • Yantra - platform destined for Astrology & Tarot
  • Customizable theme
  • Calendar and appointment planning feature
  • Premium Room
  • Smart notification System 

What we’ve learned this year? 

Very important things about the current technologies! 

Let me explain this a little bit: 

The biggest change for us was moving from Flash (developed for over 15 years) to WebRTC (developed for the last few years). 

Indeed Flash required a lot of plug-ins and apps to be downloaded in order to stream, the quality is not great and the famous buffering symbol made us crazy most of the time. WebRTC is something 360 different. No downloads/plug-ins, it’s completely browser-based. 

This means you need a device, a browser, and a connection to the internet. The stream can be 100 times better, with a higher definition, this is the future indeed. 

Now here is what we’ve discovered and struggled with, maybe the disadvantages: 

  • In order for WebRTC to work, you need the browsers to respect some specifications, especially when making updates - that’s why there is a WebRTC protocol that updates constantly and browsers can access it easily.
  • This is something new for the giants in the industry that have browsers. So…. some of the time, they don’t respect the WebRTC protocol and that is why all of a sudden a specific browser will not work properly anymore. 
  • The best examples are Firefox and Safari. Chrome has been the most implicated in the WebRTC community. The last from the list is Microsoft Edge, which is not even fully WebRTC compatible …. Yet

Bluetooth Adventures

Another thing we’ve learned -> Bluetooth device integrations on the platform

Almost half of the year we’ve spent developing a Bluetooth system for one of our clients. This Bluetooth system should have been via browser, both broadcasters and clients can control each other’s device, and the system should be compatible with a variety of devices. Mobile compatible and so on… 

We’ve done our research, only Chrome supports in-browser Bluetooth system, so Chrome has the ultimate advantage. We’ve implemented the system, tested, all good and delivered. Just to find out that the clients experienced some unpleasant disconnects at random times that we could not catch it, however, we’ve tested. 

At times we even believed their Bluetooth devices were somehow broken and that’s the cause, maybe. 

Frustration was building, we did not know what was happening for real. After hundreds of hours of testing, we’ve finally caught the error -> that’s happening only on Chrome, Windows10. And…. it’s a Chrome issuethis means the only thing we could do is report it and wait. And that’s it, literally. 

That’s our experience with integrating Bluetooth devices, that it’s normal to randomly disconnect, this is the current technology… it disconnects with 3rd party apps, and mobile apps have 2-2,5 stars in reviews. 

This is the current state of this technology and it requires time to become better and that is the truth that a few people know. Real-Time Streaming is very complex and resource-consuming, and the reality is that technology has not evolved quite as people expect it. 

We would like to thank the client for having patience with us, for not leaving and believing in the product, for putting up with us all this time and we hope to move forward together!

Other things we’ve done in 2019…….

  • We’ve grown in numbers, we have new colleagues on tech and on sales 
  • We’ve made it possible to change our office, to a more spacious and modern one
  • We had our first Enterprise Clients that believed in investing with us 
  • We had some lows when clients decided to stop their contracts, but we continued believing in the project
  • We continue to learn and get better 

As you can see, we’ve had a lot going on in 2019, we are happy with the stability that the platform has now. 

We will be uploading the plan for the next few months, for what lies ahead for us and for you!   

Have a burning question? Contact us at [email protected] 

How to keep your broadcasters happy? *Christmas Edition*

Christmas is the best time to fortify your relationship with your broadcasters. Indeed, they’re not your employees, but they can leave anytime, even easier. A platform without broadcasters means no money for you.

So how can some platforms keep their broadcasters and others can’t? 

It’s all about your relationship with them! Make them feel appreciated on your platform, write them, make them feel part of something bigger and they will not leave ever again. Don’t forget, online business is global, the broadcasters can work anywhere!

Don’t know where to start? 

Here are some tips! 

Taking the extra mile for your broadcasters can prove to be extremely productive for your business. 

Starting it Fresh

If you only recently acquired a platform and want to build your business, it will take a little bit of time to bring traffic and have clients. What do you do until then? You need broadcasters online for traffic to convert to clients.

You know what some of the best studios do?

They pay the models a minimum of $6/h if they’re online when there are no clients, yet. This way you build your business faster and your broadcasters are not leaving. 

Build a relationship

Building a relationship is key to a successful online business. How? Well, be creative! 

One example is sending helpful newsletters to your broadcasters. 

Don’t just send boring information in a boring email. Take it further, be better! Use 3rd party apps to make the newsletters fun and interactive. Example of newsletter apps is ‘Chimp Mail’, you can use their services to make a professional newsletter. 

What content should you add to your newsletter? Useful ones! 

Contact your broadcasters regularly, check how they are doing, check if they’re happy or if they have any suggestions. Ask if they’re happy or not, how can you make it better for them. December? The best time to bond with them, to ask about they’re life, to socialize a little bit. Don’t be just a boss, a platform owner, be much more than that.

Create valuable content 

Want to take it a step further than that? Create a Wordpress page to promote them, add valuable content, photos and videos of them. 

Share new market insights, your opinion on the matter; generating valuable content shows that you are on top of your game and improves brand awareness. 

Promote this good enough and your broadcasters and clients will share your content or recommend your services to their connections based on publicly available content.

Reply to your emails promptly

The best way to show respect for your broadcasters is to respond within the 24h window. If possible, even within one hour. It is much more effective to reply saying that you received an email and that you will reply as soon as possible instead of writing a long delayed email. Quick responses show that you care and that you are professional and dependable. 

Value your broadcasters’ point of view

Broadcasters are experts in their fields as you are in your field. You need to listen to ideas and inputs from your broadcasters because they have worked with other platforms and they can offer free tips on how to increase your business. You just need to open your ears and take notes!

Make your promises realistic

It is better to under promise and over deliver, then every extra thing brings happiness. On average, unhappy broadcasters share their experience with 20 people or more while satisfied  broadcasters share their experience with three or four people. One way to avoid the nay-sayers is to set realistic expectations from the get go and take on only broadcasters that are happy with that.  

Keep this tip in mind for your clients as well! 

I hope all of these tips are helpful in increasing your business and your relationship! 

Have a burning question? Leave a comment bellow! 

Or contact us at [email protected]

What's the minimum investment to start a live streaming business

Every day more and more people are quitting their 9 to 5 jobs in pursuit of their passion for being an independent entrepreneur. 

Life as a businessman is the best because, well, you are the boss, you plan your time, work from anywhere and most of all, earn more money. 

Global Revenue Growth

Since being an entrepreneur has so many benefits and it gives you a freedom like no other, everyone dreams of becoming one.  The truth is that not everyone can run his own business. The key to any successful business is actually having a plan. It would help to map out the specifics of your business and research the unknown aspects. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how to have your own live streaming business with minimum investment. We cover everything you need, plus the numbers to make it!  

Here are the basic steps of any live streaming business: 

  1. Find a platform
  2. Find a payment processor
  3. Find broadcasters
  4. Find clients
  5. Decide on how to monetize your business

All of this with the minimum of investment. 

Let’s start! 

Find a platform

Platforms come in multiple ways. You can build your own from scratch, purchase an open-source license or purchase a SaaS package. 

What are the differences? 

Plan your business

  1. Building your own platform is the biggest investment you can make. You need a technical team, a testing team, money and time. If you employ for example a tech team of around 25-30 employees for your project, a basic platform can be finished in 6-8 months. With an average price of $50/h, you are looking at a cost of at least $50.000, for a basic platform, with not so many features. Besides this general cost, you are looking into costs of hosting, maintenance and updates for your own product.     
  2. Purchasing an Open Source platform - someone creates the platform, you try it. If you like it, you can purchase it. Being open-source, you have access to the code and develop it how you desire. It usually costs up to $10.000, but you also need servers and a tech team that works on maintaining the platform. Open source means it’s yours and there are no strings attached. 
  3. Purchase a SaaS platform - the platform is offered as a service. The prices are the smallest, can start at $500/mo or less, including hosting, maintenance, support, updates, and upgrades. 

Starting a business on a budget means that the best idea is having a SaaS platform, make sure it’s a white-label so it can be customized to your brand.

Find Payment Processor

Find a Payment Gateway

Live Streaming is a business and any business needs income to survive. This is where payment processors come into place. They manage the exchange between the clients and you. Clients buy tokens with their money and spend the tokens on the platform. Every payment processor has a percentage, depending on the risk factor of your business, usually around 10-15%. 

But you cannot be in business without them!

Want to check some payment processors, check: CCbill, Netbilling, Epoch, Paypal. 

Find broadcasters

Find broadcasters

Finding broadcasters requires some work, they’re your workforce. Broadcasters work on percentages, they work, they have money and so do you. Try advertising your platform on forums where the broadcasters discuss, maybe create some adds or target them via social media.  

Want to read more on this, check our article: How to find broadcasters


Finding clients 

This can be done via traffic and marketing. Depending on your time and skills, you can do the marketing yourself or you can hire others to do it. 

If you decide to cut some costs and do it yourself, then you’re looking into some weeks of constant writing on social media and content writing. It’s free but it takes time and learning. Want something faster and more professional? Then check others that provide this service. Having a traffic company doing this for you doesn’t have to be expensive, the minimum package you can purchase is $5. 

Interested in reading more on this? Check here: How to bring traffic

Value of your product

How do you monetize your business? 

Soon more and more businesses will be online, this is the future. Be part of the future, without breaking the bank. If you’ve marchet all the steps above you are looking into a successful business. 

What more? 

New businesses take time to launch, time that you will have to invest in your own business. With a successful business plan, you are looking into having revenue in around 3 months. If you plan everything smart, you are looking into a small investment, somewhere around $1500-2000, but once the business starts going, you can get that money back even in one month. This is a very small investment compared to 10 years ago when these options did not exist.  

What are some important aspects?

  • Have your broadcasters are online as much as possible - at the beginning, you need at least a few broadcasters online so you can focus on bringing clients. This means you need to motivate them to be online without making money. The minimum cost for this is $6/h/broadcaster - this will help you get started faster. 
  • Market to potential clients hear about your platform - online business is a global one - you need to advertise it
  • Keep your clients - clients remain if the services are good, not if you offer constant discounts

It all depends on your business strategy.

What kind of business model do you have for your platform? 




Don’t know the differences? Check this article: Business Models

So, what do you think? Are you fit to start your own business and live the dream? 

Have a burning question? Contact us at [email protected]

How do I bring traffic to my new platform?

Having an online business might seem like a dream for most of us. As nice as it might be to have your own schedule, work from anywhere around the world and have others work on your platform. 

Start your online business

Live Streaming is an increasingly profitable business, but, like any business, you need to know how to run it in order to be successful and live the dream. Any business has its challenges, between a physical business and an online business, the online world offers you a greater potential to achieve financial happiness. 

Setting up the online business doesn’t have to take years, you can purchase/rent a White Label and you will have everything set up for you. Once you have a platform, the next things you need are broadcasters and clients. 

In this article, I would like to discuss how you bring clients on to your platform. Once you have your business in a global market, you need to find ways for clients to know about you and access your services. 

Free traffic options

So here are some quick tips. 

Like with any service, you can bring traffic free of cost to your platform,or you can have others do that for you, for a cost.

Let’s check the FREE ways to bring traffic. 

FREE ways mean that, instead of having others help you, you do everything, so the cost, in this case, is your time and resources. 

Traffic Options

Social Media

Many small businesses start using Social Media to help drive traffic to their own platform. Many businesses use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as their main channels. This type of organic social growth doesn’t require money, it just requires time and patience. 

When using social media to drive traffic, you need to make sure that you stay active and you post on a consistent schedule, share content from other pages and from your own as well. Many small businesses get out of business because they refuse to post other materials that are not related to their business. You need to focus on pleasing the clients not over advertising your business.    

Guest Posting

Additionally to creating evergreen content for your new business, take the time to write for someone else, that will drive a large sudden traffic boost to your own platform. The advantage is that you are also tapping into new audiences. This requires a lot of work and time as well, but it’s free. Try creating a relationship with someone in the field and guest write for his or her audience. This will bring an entirely new audience to your platform. 

Don’t have the time or skills? 

Paid Traffic services

Then try the various methods of PAID Traffic

Traffic Companies 

Traffic Companies help drive traffic directly to your platform, without you losing time on content and marketing. You set a budget and based on that, they drive traffic. It’s your job to make those into clients, once they’ve reached your platform. 

According to one Traffic Provider:

“You can target your campaign by country, category and operating system.

You can also use the [siteid] dynamic parameter in your campaign URL which will be replaced with the publisher's website identifier. After you have run a test period you can remove websites from the members panel that don't fit or perform with your campaign.”

You don’t need to invest a lot of money, most traffic companies start with $5. 
Using just $1 you can have around 100 users on your platform!

Paid Ads

Paid Ads are used to generate traffic fast, almost immediate. Generating organic traffic can take weeks or even months, whereas paid ads brings you traffic much faster. 

Entering into the paid ads industry can be hard at first, without any experience. 

One quick tip? 

Avoid using banner ads, since they are known to provide a low rate of turn, since most people only click on them by accident. 

For a small business, it’s best to search ads for your industry and have them placed where your traffic lies: forums, blogs, or other platforms. 

Want to learn more? You can even contract an independent marketing specialist and have a plan made that guarantees your business boosts. 

Like with any business, online business have pros and cons, but it’s the best pro is that your clients are from all around the world! Which means that your potential is endless! 

Have a burning question? 

Contact us on [email protected] 

AvenoCam brings you November 2019 updates

Hello Readers,

Hope you are all well!

As some of you might know, we are deploying Updates and Maintenance between the intervals of 2 weeks to a month. These updates are made to ensure the best functionality and experience broadcasters and clients have on the platform. This November we are proud to bring you the most exciting updates!

For November 2019, we have prepared a series of such changes, that are displayed bellow:

Updates of the API Application

API Application updates:

## [1.1.21] (2019-11-26)

 *Statistics improvements and bug fixing*

  - overall improvements

 *NetBilling postback url fix*

 *Online notifications*

- Email template :: fix for broadcaster name

  - code cleanup - remove old/outdated versions of code

 *Newsletter emails*

  - white labeling fix

  - sendFrom email fix

 *Viewers count fix for decrementing to negatives*

 *Broadcasters API*

  - filtering fix for premium

  - ordering by room type improvements

- hotfix semantical profile error regarding premium broadcasters


  - sync latest updates between master and development - get latest to everything

  - code improvements and optimizations

- hotfix semantical profile error regarding premium broadcasters

Updates of your administrator page

Admin Application updates:

## [1.1.10] - 2019-11-28

### Premium Room

- Display statistics for premium room

### Broadcasters listing

- Display info regarding credits on table

Updates of the Client Application

Client Application updates:

## [1.1.24] (2019-11-27)

1.Broadcaster Room - Broadcaster view

- Userlist

  •     sound notification when user enters room
  •     select user and see his tokens in real time
  •     if selected user is leaving the room, reset selected user info
  •     change PREMIUM USERS section to VIP
  •     Anonymous user display
  •     Mobile anonymous log in update user list accordingly

- Video Streaming

  •     check camera driver/camera permission when preview camera is selected

   - WebRTC version fix

  •     Display the current room price if not free

- Broadcaster streaming page components

   - Online notifications

   - Room Topic

  •        can be edited only in free room
  •        on other rooms than free, this section is hidden

   - Room Goal

  •        can be edited only in free room
  •        on other rooms than free, this section is hidden

   - Tokens and Selected user info

- Chat improvements

  •    chat layout improvements
  •    send message & send tip improvements
  •    mobile and desktop consistency
  •    mobile show tips section fix
  •    pagination fix on all chat rooms

2.Broadcaster Room - Client view

- Tabs

  •    disable related tab until this section is improved - for the moment this was affecting loading speed

- Userlist

  •    Mobile Anonymous log in update accordingly

- Favourite icon on room page

- Chat component improvements and consistency between desktop and mobile

- Pagination on chat fix

- Send message/tip improvements

  •    mobile layout and functionality
  •    chat details over chat text fix - on other rooms than free

- Display the current room price

  •    when: on client side for any room other than free
  •    where: in the timing part on video streaming
  •    also: before entering in room updates for all rooms

3.Premium Room

- Premium room ending fixes and updates in flow

4.UI improvements

- Buttons consistency and UI improvements

5.General improvements

- Model agreement contract generate fix

- Technical modal

  •    expiry time set to 60 min
  •    display the modal if’s active once every 60 min

- Layout/Footer/Header/SidebarDesktop/SidebarMobile improvements and design consistency

- Remove a lot of unused CSS

- Improving animations for sidebar desktop and sub header mobile menu

- UI improvements :: static pages

- Adding option to quickly reset applied filters on broadcasters page

  •    All and Broadcasters button on header
  •    acts like a Home button

- Account modal and Broadcaster Register Modal

  •    removed model register from account modal (login/signup)
  •    on Account modal, users can only register as clients
  •    Use Broadcaster Register modal / Model SignUp (from footer) instead     - this is the general usage on the industry

6.Security improvements

  • Remove console logs
  • Stability and permissions updates

Try the DEMO for yourself

Where can you test all these changes you might ask yourself?

On The DEMO of course - CHECK DEMO

Have a burning question? Just let us know in the comments bellow or on [email protected]