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Consultancy & Personal Development

Online consultancy market indicators

During the last decades, the global consultancy market had massive growth, becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Basically, all the traditional methodologies used in consulting services are now transposed in digital. 

The digitalization has no limits.

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There is an expectation for growth of the consulting market until 2020, there will be $300 billion / 262 Mrd. € in this industry.

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An analysis of the last 20 years shows that the development of the consultancy industry is strongly connected to the growing size of the global economy.

As part of the consulting industry, there is another segment which began to gain more and more visibility – the personal development or self-improvement area. People tend to focus more on reaching their personal goals and to improve their lifestyle. 

The self-improvement market was set to reach $ 11 billion in 2016 including market segments from motivational speakers, personal coaching, inspirational websites and other forms of personal development. In terms of indicators, this industry also beats global economic trends as it is averaging over 5% growth each year.

Up to $500 million is spent on personal development products every year. Mostly, these products are delivered in digital formats, through webinars or online consultancy services.

AvenoCam creates the perfect environment for an audience interested in personal development OR for having and consulting business clients.

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Advantages of using AvenoCam for Consultancy

AvenoCam - fully responsive
  • HD Streaming Quality | Crystal Clear
  • No technical skills needed | Hosting, Service etc. is included
  • You have a full overview of the incomes
  • Various private meeting room feature

ResponsiveAvenoCam is fully a responsive Online Consultancy Software and uses the same interface for both desktop and mobile & tablet devices. AvenoCam has a proper focus on clients requests and their lack of time and that’s the reason why Live Video Streaming is the future of Consultancy and also of the Personal Development.

Global MarketYou can give access to consultants and clients from everywhere around the world.

Flexibilitygiving consultants the chance to offer their consultancies anytime, anywhere.

Instant payments (Pay Per View software)AvenoCam can integrate a multiple choice of payment solutions. Online consultancy service will tax your clients for every minute they spend with you. You will be able to have new clients who can benefit from your services just one time, choosing a pay per view option. You can use credits or real currency, if you want to provide subscription-based access or follow a freemium business model, AvenoCam can easily fit any scenarios.

online consultancy software

Customizable Chat & ProtectionThis feature will improve the quality of the whole experience. It allows a higher level of engagement from the audience, for example, a coach can encourage his students to show their reactions with emojis integrated in AvenoCam’s online personal development software.

Paid Content Libraries – AvenoCam is trying to boost the client’s engagement in every manner. So it offers an additional multimedia content space to every consultant’s profile page. Every consultant has the possibility to create his own media library with paid content – this could be video clips, images or photo albums.

AvenoCam offers a premium solution thanks to the access times optimized for any client or consultant from anywhere in the world, low response times and optimized codecs.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in our Live Chat or schedule for a Skype Session.

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