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E-Learning represents the use of technology in the educational process. The virtual classroom is a segment of E-Learning, and it’s about the teaching and learning environment where attendants can teach, interact, communicate, analyze, view and discuss.

AvenoCam - Virtual Class Room / E-Learning

There is an impressive engagement level with learning resources using live streaming.

The lesson is often held through a video conferencing application that allows multiple users to be connected at the same time through the Internet.

In 2015 there was an estimation for the E-Learning market which was set for 165 billion dollars with an expectation of growing by 7% between 2016 and 2023, exceeding 275.01 billion dollars.

Virtual Classroom E-Market / E-Learning Market

The implementation of E-Learning software solutions like AvenoCam is driving the virtual classroom market. Educational institutes like schools, colleges and universities are adopting modern teaching methods and tools which includes, live streaming software.

AvenoCam is based on a structure that allows the software to be customized and personalized. As a custom solution, you will be able to rebrand it according to the desired specifics.

Advantages of using AvenoCam

E-Learning / Virtual Classroom - AvenoCam
  • Unlimited number of Teachers & Students
  • All the lessons are in HD Quality
  • Private classroom
  • Different types of monetization

We do not impose any limitations on You. If you wish you can create unlimited domains and have as many students and teachers as you like.

Responsive & universal compatible – AvenoCam is fully a responsive and uses the same interface for both tablet devices but as well for desktop and mobile devices. A university will be able to stream live their courses on student’s personal devices.

Customizable Chat & Protection – The software includes a diverse library of emoticons, gamification methods, word filters, spam filters, abuse filters, DOS filters. Our chat interface is fully customizable as it is HTML5 based. So the professors can concentrate on teaching, not on administration.

virtual classroom software

AvenoCam offers a worldwide experience because the quality and access times are optimized for any Student or Teacher from anywhere in the world, using custom built content delivery networks, low response times and optimized codecs. So you can have students around the world, without the problem of finding a place or booking a room for holding class.

If you have any questions start a Live Chat or get in touch via a Skype session.

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