Business Questions

An all-in-one platform for your Business.

It’s more than a normal paid live video streaming platform, it is providing you with a complete business solutions including the management and the monetization. We are doing all the technical stuff, development and hosting.

No, we do not take any fee from your income, you keep 100% of the revenue. You have complete control over you incomes, prices and the commissions that you pay your broadcasters with.

No. There are no setup fees on any of our plans. You can stand back and watch us doing the installation for you.

Yes, in this period we offer a considerable discount on our Monthly and Lifetime licenses.

You have full overview and control over your broadcasters’ commissions. Based on your prices clients pay the sessions provided by the broadcasters, or buying media from them.

You can contact us for any inquiry and we will assist you in the shortest time.

Yes. If you ever decide that AvenoCam isn’t the best video streaming platform for your business, simply cancel your account.

Yes. In the premium and enterprise packages you have the possibility to send informative emails or special offers, directly to the broadcasters and users.  

You can use the free custom changes to start your business, such as logo integration, changes of text, colors, etc.

Technical Questions

You will be notified about any update and receive it for free.

Yes. We can implement custom solutions for you.

AvenoCam offers you the possibility to have unlimited professionals that can work for you.

You can accept any type of payments, using any card from all around the world, no matter where your clients live. AvenoCam is compatible with any payment processor and cryptocurrency of your choice.

Being 100% responsive, the platform functions the same on any device: desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Yes. With the invisible stream supervision function from the admin panel you have the possibility to check your professionals regardless of their meeting room.

Sure. We offer you access to the frontend so you can configure your design as desired. We offer these services too, so you have the option of making the changes yourself or through us.   

You decide what roles your staff have. The staff have limited access to the admin panel, depending on the role you assign them.

E.g Staff of Payment, Staff of User Management, Staff of Broadcaster Management, Staff on Marketing etc.

AvenoCam works fine on any kind of gadgets including laptop, phone or tablet devices. It connects to the same stream and the front end is the only thing that adapts. Using the WebRTC Technology we made the stream compatible with all devices without the usage of third party applications.

In case of an issue, our back-up servers will take load without any downtime so the users can’t notice any changes. On the back-end, the security is ensured by “spring boot” and tested framework methods.

Hosting Questions

Yes. You can purchase a domain name, use an existing one that you own, or using even multiple ones.

AvenoCam includes the secured and scalable hosting that you need. Our hosting is fit for scalability, enabling your business to grow without downtime.

Basic, Essential, Premium or Enterprise depending on the type of Hosting package that you choose.

Sure you can. You can consume more than you have included in your package and you will be charged for the additional hosting used. Priced to Scale with You!

The modular architecture makes it easy to scale your business, as such, the platform starts with 8 servers.

You can start with any desired hosting and based on your requirements upgrade anytime.

For the standard packages: Starter, Starter Plus, Growth once you’ve used us the traffic, you will automatically be placed on the next payment package.

  •       From Starter to Starter Plus,
  •       From Starter Plus to Growth
  •       Once you need more than Growth, please e-mail us so we can discuss the enterprise package

Please feel free to contact us and based on your requirements we will provide an enterprise hosting solution.

The enterprise package is made to suit you and your business like a glove. You just provide us your preferences in hosting and we will provide you a price.

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