You can have as many broadcasters as you wish, you have no limit.



WebRTC and HTML5 streams are the future of video streaming. It does not depend on a plugin, it works only using an internet browser. It is the fastest and safest on the market.

E.g of companies that already use WebRTC: Facebook, Skype and Google.


HD Streaming Quality

Crystal clear quality defines the core of the video streaming business.


Price Customization

You can customize the prices, percentages, integrate incentive payment scales.


Admin Administration Area

Your administration area is easy controllable so you can focus on your business. You can send newsletters, informative bulletins for both clients and broadcasters, control payments, manage clients and broadcasters, set prices and so on.


100 % Responsive & Universal Compatibility

AvenoCam is fully responsive and uses the same interface for both desktop and mobile devices.


Paid Content Galleries

The broadcasters can upload paid photos and videos, setting individual prices.


Automated Payment Generation

The system will automatically calculate the amount to be paid to each broadcaster based on their commissions.



Private communications between broadcasters and clients, that way the clients can spend more time on the platform.


Meeting Rooms

  • In the public rooms the broadcaster can reach any customer that enters the video chat. Every one can chat and see the stream.
  • In the private rooms the broadcaster holds private meetings with one/more customers. The public chat is still available, but not the stream.


Admin/Broadcaster/Client Analytics

Real time analytics for admin, broadcasters and clients to better manage the incomes and stimulate growth.


Security & Protection

Security for data integrity & confidentiality is a top priority.


Multiple Types of tipping

  • Quick tip – just by clicking on a defined tip
  • Custom tip – decide how much to tip
  • Messaged tip – send a message/emoji with your tip
  • Offline tip – private offline tip to strengthen the bond between the client and broadcaster


Top Broadcasters

Reward your Top Broadcasters and keep the competition going! Competition helps your platform grow faster.


Frontend Access for Customization

You have Full Access to the Frontend code (Angular JS) to design it however you wish. Imagination is the limit.


Invisible Stream Supervision

Be able to check your broadcasters activity regardless of the room they are in. You can provide feedback to your broadcasters, increasing the professionalism of the services provided.


Friend Request

Increase the number of friends on the platform by becoming friends which means more time spent on the platform and more money spent.


Email notifications for Broadcaster/Client

You can send informative announcements, marketing content, newsletters, special offers  to both clients and broadcasters.


Customizable Chat

Using this feature you can transform the chat from boring to fun, directly from the chat settings!


Cryptocurrency Payment Processor Integration

Your members have the options to pay using cryptocurrency, not just real currency!


Code Quality

The architecture, code quality, reusability, and documentation allow any professional to further develop it, extend its functionality or add any kind of customization to the AvenoCam software. With an enterprise package, we’re not limiting you to any of our services, you are free to do anything you like with the code you purchase from us.

We are 100% convinced by the tests we have done, that your platform will run smoothly, with a minimum amount of maintenance. Code quality is one of AvenoCam’s priorities. We are here for the long run.

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