The world economy is slowly entering a recession and you’re asking how can you make money by starting a successful online business in the streaming industry.

The streaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. With over 113% growth per year and to be estimated to be $70 billion (61 billion €).

Who enters the market now, will have the advantage of being a pioneer in a very successful business? Possible niches you can target are Live Cam, Entertainment, Gaming, Astrology, Psychic, Consultancy, E-Learning & Telemedicine.

Now you may ask yourself, how can I start such an online streaming business? Let’s take for instance a Live Cam Business to see how it works:

Here is a proven sequence of steps you can follow to start your successful Live Cam Online Business:

  1. Find a Live Cam Platform
  2. Find a Payment Gateway
  3. How to earn Money?
  4. Find Performers
  5. Get Paying Clients


Step 1: Find a Live Cam Platform

Finding a Live Cam Platform is more profitable than investing in making it from scratch. Nowadays, SaaS-companies can offer you the platform in just a few days and at just a fraction of the price!

This being said, please look for some of these features when searching for a platform:  

Live Video Streaming & Stream Quality – Make sure to choose HTML5 and not Flash since Flash will not be supported anymore on some browsers starting from this summer.

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Compatibility – Today a platform needs to be universally compatible. Up to 85% of the clients use mobile and tablets when enjoying Adult Cam services.

Chat – Everyone needs to chat, just seeing the stream is not enough. Enhance the experience by providing a cool chat, that has not only text options, but also emojis and fun ways of writing.

Money system (tokens)  – Your clients need to have a method of purchasing tokens easy & fast, so they don’t lose interest in spending money on your platform.

Tips and different streaming rooms – Tipping is the core of adult cam businesses, this is how relationships between the client and the performer are built.

Administration Area  – You being the boss, you need your own admin area to manage your entire business and having an overview of your own business.

Hosting, Support, Update, Maintenance – these are a must have that you need to think about. Any platform needs constant support, update, and maintenance, in order to keep up with the demand. Hosting is a quintessential part without which the platform is not rolling.  

If you are interested in how a modern all-in-one live cam platform looks like, we invite you to test our software AVENOCAM online.


Step 2: Find Payment Gateway

What is a payment gateway? A payment gateway is your money-collector of the paying clients who come to your platform and buy your platform tokens.

You have to find one which is working in as many as countries as possible and accept different types of payments.

Because Live Cam Industry is such a niche industry you need a reliable partner. We really appreciate and recommend our partner CCBill, who unifies all those points.


Step 3: How to earn Money?

The Live cam industry has embraced and tested some business models – the successful ones have remained. There are many ways to succeed, it depends only on how you’d like to proceed.  

The Freemium Business Model is based on providing free streams to having hundreds of users. Since the room is free, the income comes from multiple constant tips and from the gallery content. Successful examples of such business models are Chaturbate.

The Premium Business Model is based on a limited amount of free chat followed by paid private rooms & tips. Premium already works by having few clients on the stream that are convinced by the performer to go into the paid rooms. A successful example of such a business model is LiveJasmin.

As you can see, both business models can be successful!  

Well, let’s detail Monetization a little bit. In different ways, clients reach your platform (-> Step 5). They check it and create accounts on it.

After creating accounts, they purchase tokens at a click. After clients bought tokens, their money goes right into your account. Clients spend the tokens on the platform and purchase more.

In the end, the platform generates the payments for your performers, so you know exactly who and how much to pay.    


Step 4: Find Performers

You may think you don’t know where to start from and it may be intimidating. Here is a small guide of how to find performers.

Just like any other business moving towards expansion, you’re going to have to put yourself out there and let the world of performers know that you’re hiring in the form of banner ads and advertisements.

Another way is to requires you to be persistent enough and hold the powers of a cunning detective, because you’re going to have to select the right performers. You will find them when surfing on different websites that fall under the category of the industry you want to enter. Once you’ve found the performers you want, it’s time to make the pitch. Search for their contact details, for example, an email address or preferably a phone number.

Additional you can ‘spam’ in different forums that relate to what kind of business you’re doing and post your ads on each and every forum you see. Do it ten, twenty or even thirty times and it will get you more attention.

Last but not least: Ask around in your social network or use your group of friends to spread the word about your business and the job you’re offering.

Tips for Countries where you can find a performer for Live Cam: Romania, Colombia, USA, Ukraine, Brazil, Russia, Spain etc. – Good luck!


Step 5: Get Paying Clients

Once you have the platform, the team, the performers, you need paying clients!

There are multiple ways to acquire those clients, here we will discuss 2 main types.

The classic way of getting clients: advertisements on specialized sites, SEM (search engineering marketing), and social media marketing. You can start with one of them, but frankly, the most helpful is a combo of all of them.

Another way is to use Intelligent Traffic. It is a new kid on the block, that makes the traditional traffic more efficient. DivaTraffic is one company that has adopted this new technology. DivaTraffic sends all the traffic just when performers are online.

This way, the platform gets popularised exactly when the performers are online, and the amount of traffic sent depends on how much traffic already exists on the performers’ rooms.      

If you have more questions regarding How to start a successful streaming business, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to be of help. Write to us at [email protected] or test our software

Thank you!