What’s your Business Model? Freemium or Premium? 

The Live Streaming Industry is very complex and everyone has a successful business model. 

What is the difference between Freemium and Premium? 


Freemium business model relies on heavy traffic, the streams are free. Broadcasters earn their income via tips, gallery and invitations to private room. This means a broadcaster may have tens of clients at once and income is earned by convincing the clients to pay. 

The heart of freemium is negotiation. 

What to negotiate you might ask? 

For example, a musician might request a number of tokens for purchasing a new instrument that he will use during the live streaming. He will promote his wish and price in the description and his fans can support him.



Premium business model is a different story. It does not rely on heavy traffic, you don’t need hundreds of clients to have a successful business. This business model seeks a higher profit margin on a lower traffic volume. This means the control is in the hands of the broadcasters. Your broadcasters can have as many clients in the room, and every one of them pay/minute. 

For example, if a teacher has 10 students in his room, each paying $1/min, that equals to $600/h. 

Premium model differs from Freemium model in the sense that in premium, broadcasters focus on their craft and on freemium, broadcasters focus on both craft and relationship with the client. 


Every businessman needs to find his/hers business model. 

For you, the administrator, Freemium means concentrating and investing on traffic via 3rd party companies, so you can provide clients to your working broadcasters.       

Premium means less investing on traffic and more investing on marketing. 


What fits you best? 

DOES NOT MATTER! You don’t have to decide now – AvenoCam provides you both of the options!


AvenoCam has started as a Freemium business model for everyone that wants to start a business or expand an existing business. Now, we’re ready to offer you a complete business model solution. Both you and your broadcasters can decide what fits better. Why choose 1 out of 2, when you can have both? 


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