You probably remember the first time you opened your internet browser and surfed for hours and hours. That couldn’t happen without the good-old Adobe Flash Player. It’s probably the best-known media solution from our browsers back in the day, but why just back in the day?

Back in the day, because now we have access to something much more efficient, it’s called WebRTC and HTML5. These 2 new technologies are used even by the biggest players of the industry like Facebook, Google and Skype. Imagine Flash as the point of connection of two roads but in terms of an exchange of information. Everything had to go through that intersection, but the new technologies are like some huge highways connecting point A to point B without any intersections, which means it’s much faster and easier to use.

Flash is a plug-in that you have to download on your browsers in order to make it work, and the process could create problems for the less experimented users of the internet, but WebRTC and HTML5 don’t require any effort, because they are built-in into the browsers. The biggest reason to worry about is that Adobe announced that will stop the support for the product. Flash is coded in Flex, which means poor video and audio quality. WebRTC is coded in JavaScript (essentially the Internet’s mother tongue) which is a big plus. Another important issue with Flash comparing to WebRTC and HTML5 is that it need a higher processing power than the other two.

Flash is also more “resource oriented”, this means that it requires more space because it’s basically a plug-in which needs to be installed. It seems that Flash has issues even with SEO because it’s considered as a non SEO friendly plug-in comparing to HTML5 which is a native on browser, SEO friendly technology.

There are some things that are good to know, even if you’re not the biggest tech fan, especially when it comes to starting an online business. In the live video streaming business the quality of the stream has a crucial importance, this is why we always keep up with the latest technologies like WebRTC and HTML5.  After reading this article we hope that you understand the importance of these changes in the online world, changes that look small at first, but have a massive impact on the user’s overall satisfaction.

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