Telemedicine market indicators

Thanks to Telemedicine now you can educate, inform and provide healthcare remotely. It allows clinicians to interact, consult and provide distance-monitoring to their patients. It reduces emergency room visit and hospitalization rate.

E-Health is gradually becoming a global solution for medical emergencies. Patients from any corner of the world can benefit from modern treatment methods through a HD Live streaming consultation.

The market for telemedicine is expanding with a major increase. The global market size is at the moment at $26.5 billion. It is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 16.5% and a market size volume of 41.2 billion dollars until 2021.

telemedicine software
telemedicine software

Telemedicine has been segmented into 8 most relevant departments: Teleneurology, Telecardiology, Teledermatology, Teleorthopedy, Teleradiology, Telepsychiatry, Teleophthalmology and Others.

Advantages of using AvenoCam Telemedicine Software for medical providers

Telemedicine Software
  • HD Quality | Crystal Clear Resolution & Consultancy possibilities
  • Private meeting room | Meet with the patient in privacy
  • Media storage for pictures & videos
  • Global market | Access of doctors and patients all around the world
  • Free Updates & Support | We are doing the tech stuff

User friendly platform You can stand back, watch us do all the installation and the tech part for you. You don’t need any technical or IT skills to manage the platform because it’s easy to use. We offer support so you can fully concentrate on your business.

Flexibility – In order to offer the best solution at specific moments, clinicians are able to manage their calendar anytime, having the possibility to offer their consultancies anytime, giving them the chance to solve their personal staff.

More Revenue –  A clinical center has a higher availability to consult more patients in less time using telemedicine. Basically, it offers them the possibility to earn more money without working additional hours or adding staff.

Lower rates of no-shows – Using telemedicine services you eliminate many impediments, like work obligations or transportation issues that cause people to cancel or miss their appointments.

Strategic PartnershipsAvenoCam allows medical service providers to offer the best specialists, even if they aren’t around. For example, if a patient from Berlin requires a fast analyze and there is no specialized clinician for his case, AvenoCam will establish a super fast live streaming connection with a doctor from Michigan who will solve the situation.

FlexibilityClinicians are able to manage their calendar better, work more efficiently and using less staff thanks to AvenoCam.

Instant paymentsAvenoCam can integrate a multiple choice of payment solutions. You will be able to have new clients who can benefit from your services. You will have the opportunity to develop a flexible pricing range.

Better work environment – Medical centers, which are using telemedicine can allow their staff to work from home, giving them the opportunity to travel, knowing that they are still accessible if needed. This way AvenoCam reduces the pressure caused by the medical office staff.

Any Payment Gateway - AvenoCam

Advantages of using Telemedicine Software for patients

Healthcare Cost SavingsRemote monitoring services can significantly reduce costs. Using Telemedicine, patients won’t have to travel long distances for unnecessary visits which could be done online. AvenoCam will offer the patients the chance to see their doctors on a secured live video streaming, in high resolution, from any type of device.

telemedicine software

No Waiting Room AvenoCam is eliminating one of the most annoying aspects of healthcare, the amount of time spent by the patients in the waiting room. Cutting out the waiting aspect can increase patient satisfaction.

No working leave requests – In terms of a working schedule, trying to find a spot when you can have free time may be difficult. With AvenoCam patients can simply schedule their consultation visit during a break. They will be able to comply with their doctor’s instructions and maintain their health without missing a day of work.

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