Dating / Video Chat


Dating / Video Chat

Dating / Video Chat Software market indicators

The video chat industry is currently bidding $10 Billion in revenue per year and is growing extremely fast. All video chat websites involved in this market are estimated to be visited daily by more than 5 % of the web’s global users.

In fact, one of the most important video chat platforms is one of the most visited sites in the world, with 20 million subscribers. More than two million models are in this industry and their number is increasing every day.

The same it is in the dating industry – the revenue of the online dating segment amounts in the US 1.4 billion dollars in 2018 and several billion dollars worldwide with a rapid growth in the next years.

Adult Cam Software

What are the advantages of using AvenoCam Dating / Video Chat Software?

Adult Cam Software

Now you can access performers and clients from everywhere around the world. Using our platform you can have an unlimited number of online users without affecting the streaming quality.

You have Free Install, Free Updates, Free Support and the pricing is based on your needs. We don’t take fees or any percentages from your income, once you get the platform, you keep what you collect. No technical skills needed, you can step back and let us set up everything for you. We offer a All-In-One Tool to make sure you have a good start in business.

AvenoCam is the result of consistent research, 10 years of experience and two years of development.

Why should you think about it? We offer:

  • HD Streaming Quality | Crystal Clear
  • Hosting included | Scalable to your needs
  • A responsive platform | Works fine on any device
  • No technical skills needed | We are doing all Tech stuff
  • High level of Security

We make the ship, but you are the captain!

  • Full control over the commissions of your broadcasters
  • Full Overview and Invisible Chat Supervision
  • You choose the currencies and the types of payment
  • You keep all of your incomes, we don’t take any fees

We’re looking forward to answering all your questions and to advise you in a Skype session or in a personal meeting.

Adult Cam Software

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